Cuillin Production Scheduling Software
Cuillin Production Scheduling Software is a stand alone, finite capacity
scheduling system (FCS) - a great alternative for companies using
MRP/ERP systems without FCS tools.  Cuillin gives you the ability to:
Cuillin generates a Workcenter Load Chart based on the results of a MRP
explosion it performs using your demand and inventory records.  Load chart
covers a scheduling horizon set by the planner and provides the necessary
information to identify drums and prioritize the scheduling sequence.  Figure 13
illustrates a portion of the screen.
The heart of Cuillin is its Drum Scheduler.  Here all work crossing a drum can be
reviewed.  Each color coded job is displayed as a block, proportional in length to
its setup-time/run-time.  Blue means the schedule position supports the current
ship date, while yellow means it does not.  As a planner attempts to modify the
schedule to improve drum performance (i.e changes job sequence to save setup-
time) the effectiveness of each action can be evaluated.  Before proceeding to the
next work center, each job’s completion date on the drum must support its order
ship date (all jobs must be blue).  When current conditions make it impossible to
develop a capacity-feasible schedule,
Cuillin can assist planners in revising order
ship dates.
The Information Window displays
details for the selected drum job
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Review your factory's workcenter load profiles
Detail plan drum workcenters
Generate material release schedules
The Indented BOM Window displays
the product structure for the order
containing the selected drum job
block.  The drum job's part number is
highlighted with a white background.
Any part that crosses a drum has the
workcenter listed to the right.
Click on a drum job block to get more
detailed information.  Drum job blocks
can also be manually repositioned.  
Simply drag and drop to a new location.  
System automatically updates screen
with the new sequence order.
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