Cuillin Production Scheduling Software
Do you create factory schedules
using spreadsheets
ERP output not usable  
Do you have difficulty keeping
manual schedules current
Too time consuming to update
Do you develop schedules without
coordination between departments
Schedules are unsynchronized

"No more need for individual, non-synchronized spreadsheets
throughout the plant.  Let
Cuillin help you apply the power of the
Theory of Constraints to your factory floor."
Cuillin Production Scheduling Software is a stand alone, finite capacity
scheduling system (FCS) - a great alternative for companies using MRP/ERP
systems without FCS tools.  Now you can get a clearer picture of demand on
factory resources and produce better material release schedules.  
Cuillin is based on the Theory of Constraints' Drum-Buffer-Rope, the
scheduling methodology in the ground breaking book
The Goal by Eli Goldratt.
Faster scheduling
Drum-Buffer-Rope methodology
Time Buffers
DBR Scheduling
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Utilizes your MRP/ERP data
Interactive scheduling engine
Synchronized schedules
Capacity tested material release schedule
Fast implementation
Low Cost
DBR Scheduling
Time Buffers
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